It is no secret, there is a lot of time and money put towards bringing good talent into a company. Hiring requires resources and it is not getting any easier to find the right candidates in this market. While the need for hiring will never disappear, the frequency can be decreased by increasing retention rates. This can be especially important for difficult-to-fill positions. If your team has a role that requires a unique set of skills or if the role is in a less desirable location, it should be especially crucial to work towards keeping talent from leaving to avoid the time it will take to replace them to hire for the role again. Hiring the right talent is important, but keeping the talent is even more important.

Engaged and interested

Money will always speak, but that is not the only motivating factor for candidates these days. Often, as chemical recruiters, we hear candidates placing a higher value on the opportunity for growth. Employees appreciate an employer who will invest in them. Offering training or educational opportunities will keep people engaged. The opportunity to continue learning will keep employees engaged. Get creative with the ways in which people can grow within the organization. Growth can include promotion, new responsibilities, project management, leadership opportunities, etc. Continue to encourage your team to grow. If there is a certification that would benefit not only your company but the individuals, encourage and help create the path to achieve it.

Valued and happy

People like to be valued, especially in the workplace. We spend so much of our lives in the workplace, it is important to feel valued there. It can be as simple as a thank you for the work and the impact they have on the company. Get to know the people for the people. More than just the role they play in the company. Get to know the employees for who they really are. Knowing them as people and not just a title will make them feel valued. Encouraging work-life balance can help improve overall happiness. Get creative with the ways you can improve morality. Flexible work schedules such as hybrid or remote options could be a route. Offer life enhancement options such as benefits towards mental and physical health.

Employees are likely to leave a company for the same various reasons. These reasons could be the lack of challenge in their role, no path for growth, being under-compensated, not feeling valued, burnout, instability in the role or the company, difficult company culture fit, etc. Retention rates can be improved by giving employees options for growth and challenges to keep them engaged. This combined with the addition of gratitude to make them feel valued will help make employees want to stay in the company.

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