It is not entirely uncommon for an interview to include a presentation or role-play of your skills. This can be daunting, but chances are they are already interested in you as a candidate if you have progressed this far in the process. The article, “7 Tips to Help You Nail That Interview Presentation,” by Felicity H. Barber will take all the nerves out of this step by providing pointed advice to getting through this as smoothly as possible!

  1. Ask lots of questions – be sure you know exactly what is expected of you and other questions to ensure there are no technical snares to hold up the presentation
  2. Follow-instructions – stay within the parameters definedSome-Useful-Tips-For-PowerPoint-Presentation-For-Your-First-Job-Interview
  3. Give it structure – make it easy to follow for your audience and easy for you to stay on track
  4. Be different – this if your chance to shine and set yourself apart from other applicants
  5. Don’t get crazy with technology- this is not the time to try out a new program you aren’t familiar with.
  6. Have a Back up plan – save it to multiple different forms of media in case a problem does come up.
  7. Practice makes perfect – don’t let the first time you are presenting be to the interviewer. Practice in the mirror, to your dog, or friends and family.

For a more detail on each point, visit the article!


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