If you are part of hiring decisions for a business, you know that finding the right talent is vital to success. You may be thinking about using a headhunter or a recruiter to help you grow your team. All headhunters are recruiters, but not all recruiters are headhunters. Headhunter and recruiter are often used interchangeably; even by those who recruit for a living.

What are Headhunters?

A headhunter is a person who goes out and brings talent to a business. When a company hires a headhunter, they are usually trying to fill a specific role. The headhunter searches for qualified people to hire.

A lot of headhunters specialize in specific fields, where they develop a network, or pipeline, of candidates with skills and experience. While some people associate headhunters exclusively with senior, or executive-level roles, they work to fill positions of all levels.

What are Recruiters?

Headhunters are recruiters, then why aren’t all recruiters headhunters?

Recruiters act as matchmakers, they create the job listings and serve as the first point of contact for potential employees. Recruiters screen candidates, qualify them, and work with the company throughout the entire hiring process.

After candidates reach out to them, recruiters work through the task of screening possible hires and moving forward with the hiring process.

The difference is that a recruiter can either work on behalf of another company, or directly for the person who is hiring. The Corporate Recruiter will typically work in their organization’s HR department.

Benefits of a Headhunter

Headhunters can be great for hiring high-level people in all roles.


Headhunters can be experts in specific fields or more broad.

Talent Identification

You will have greater success working with a Headhunter that specializes on a niche field.


A headhunter’s job is to find candidates and deliver their information to the company. They can work with you every step of the way. A Headhunter can also act as a Recruiter by screening applicants, and conducting interviews. They are fully invested in not only finding great talent for you, but helping you every step through the hiring process.

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