Happy New Year! We have made it to 2023 and it is time to get back to work after the holidays. Starting the year off right can set you up for success later in the year. This is the time of year we make promises of New Year resolutions we would like to follow. Take those resolutions a step further. Make them into set-in-stone goals for the New Year. Now that we have jumped into January, it is time to start taking action to make those goals into a reality.

Plan it out

The first step, decide what your goals are going to be. Once those are set, write them out. Keep them in a place where you will frequently see them. Keeping your goals in front of you will be a constant reminder throughout the year and can be a place of motivation to be able to reference them. Next, break down what it will take to reach those goals. Those could even consist of smaller goals or milestones. Below your goals, write down your plan for how you will reach them.

Keep up and keep track

Decide how you will measure your success. How will you manage your progress? Track your progress throughout the year. The best part about tracking your success is that you can reflect on your plan and your metrics to know how to recreate it for the next time.

Stay accountable

Put your goals out there. Tell your friends, family, and coworkers. Speaking your goals will help push yourself to feel more accountable to accomplish them.  Find someone who can be an accountability partner. This could be a partner who knows your goals and checks in to see how they are going and can offer advice while you can offer the same for their goals.

Stay motivated

Keep yourself motivated as the year progresses. Check off the steps as you accomplish your plan. Celebrate the small wins. Provide yourself with small rewards such as a favorite treat or an item you have been wanting for checking off boxes in your plan.

To see success this year, kick off the New Year by jumping right into your goals. Plan and start acting. If bumps in the road occur, adjust and course correct, and do not give up. Goals can take many forms in the workplace. If you are looking to stay more organized, clean your workspace today and write down your day-to-day tasks. If you are looking to acquire a new certification, sign up for the course today. As chemical recruiters, we are goal driven and thrive off of being able to see people reach their career goals.  Make this year your best year yet by kicking your goals today.

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