Mental health in the workplace has become a focus in the more recent years. With the help of the pandemic, there has been an increase in stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health distresses. Due to the uncertainties and the immense amount of change that we have all come to face, mental health needs to become a major priority for leaders to ensure their employees’ well-being. Accounting and Finance Recruiter, Ashley Key has had the ability to connect with leaders to learn how they are tackling this priority throughout the pandemic. Here are some of the ways to promote mental health openness and wellness:


The first step is to normal mental health and metal distress. There has been a stigma surrounding mental health that has caused people to keep to themselves instead of talking about the problem. Leaders need to create an environment that not only normalizes but encourages talking about mental health. Ensure that your team does not feel alone and that everyone is in this together feeling many of the same things.


Leaders need to create an open environment for communication. Create a safe space for employees to talk. Schedule regular check ins with team members to talk about life, work and how they are coping with the pandemic. Show vulnerability and empathy to encourage your team to do the same.


While we are all going through many of the same struggles, each person’s situation is unique. Offer flexibility and understanding to help employees. Whether this is extending deadlines, reevaluating year end goals, or offering permanent remote work, offer flexible options that will help your employees on a personal level and help them adapt to the changes.


Make it known to your employees that they are not alone. Offer support and encourage them to support each other. This can be done by setting up peer group meetings or initiating more collaboration. Also make mental health resources available and provide information on maintaining mental health.

The pandemic has brought fear, uncertainty, anxiety, depression and so much more. The key item to remember is that we are all going through this together. As the world has started to open back up, selfcare and mental health needs to continue to be a focus. Leaders in organizations have the ability to set examples and influence the environments of companies to ensure that employee wellbeing is maintained. Be empathetic, understanding and supportive as we all tackle these changing times together.

Written by Accounting and Finance Recruiter and Practice Lead Ashley Key