Company size can impact job satisfaction. Midsize and large companies without a doubt have a different feel to the work environment. Both have their pros and cons. As chemical recruiters, we often as candidates, do you prefer to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond. Either option can be a great option, it just comes down to what suits your work style best and what company culture makes you feel the most satisfied and successful.

Midsize Company Pros

Midsized companies are just that, medium in size. Not quite small but smaller than the larger organizations. These are generally categorized by revenue between $10 million to $1 billion and 50-250 employees. This would be the scenario of having the ability to be a big fish in a small pond. This means your work can be more visible and provide a larger impact on the organization. There is typically a quicker approval process due to fewer steps being required, there for the workflow can move faster. Typically, there is also the ability to dig your hands into more. These environments can be an all-hands-on-deck feel which means you can have the opportunity to reach into more areas and expand your skill set with the various responsibilities. These companies often have a family feel and promote team-oriented company culture.  There is usually more access to the leading figures in the company. These companies often value customer satisfaction and work towards continuous growth.

Midsize Company Cons

While there are plenty of pros to working for a medium-sized company, there of course are some cons. To start with, the career path within the company may be less defined. There may not be a clear road map for what the next steps are in your growth. Growth may have to come from taking on the role of someone who has left or waiting for a new position to be created. There are also fewer resources available. This means that employees will need to wear multiple hats; to some people, this is a perk while for others may prefer my structure and defined lines. The same can be said with policy and procedures. If you prefer a defined structure and clear lines, midsize companies may not be your cup of tea.

Large Company Pros

One of the biggest perks of working for a larger organization is the path to internal growth. Often there is a clear career path that you will follow. There are also more resources available. This means they can not only offer higher compensation but also invest in training their people and increasing their skill sets. If you are a person who enjoys structure and clearly defined responsibilities, then large companies would be a great option. There is also the benefit of the undeniable stability of larger companies. In economic uncertainty, large companies tend to remain stable.

Large Company Cons

For some people, working in a large company can feel like being trapped in a box. Some love the defined lines of responsibilities, while other people feel restricted. Part of being a smaller fish in a big pond is working for a big company with a large impact, but your direct impact and added value to the company may be less visible. Working with a larger amount of people also can mean more competition for moving up the ladder. There is also more red tape to work through. More policies and procedures mean that it can take longer to get things approved. There is also a longer dotted line away from the leadership team. Having to go through more people can make for a lengthier process than what a medium-sized company may go through.

There are benefits to working in medium or large-sized companies. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. When searching for a new role, consider which environment you would be most successful in and what aligns the most with your career goals.

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