After going through multiple interviews, you have landed not just one, but multiple job offers. Congrats! Now it is time to decide which to accept, but how? First, this will require some reflection on the processes you have been through with each organization, where you are in your career, and where you would like to go. Ultimately you will want to decide what aligns best with your life and career goals.

Take what you have learned about each role and each organization and compare them. Make a list for each role with the following details:

  • Responsibilities and expectations in the role
  • Company/ team size? Will you have direct reports? If so, how many?
  • Challenges to expect in the first 30-90 days
  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • How does this align with your career goals?
  • Daily commute: are you comfortable with the distance?
  • Company culture
  • Does this require relocation? If so, who else will be affected? Thoughts on the location?

Consider any other factors that may be important and add them to your comparison list. If there is anything unknown, keep the dialogue going and ask your questions. If you need time, be transparent with the hiring team that you may need a few days to make a decision.

Decide what is most important to you. Which role aligns best with your wants and needs in a role? Which role will help you meet your career goals? Consider the company cultures and which you would mesh with better. Think about the people you met while interviewing and their experiences in the organization. Could you see yourself becoming a part of the team? Listen to your gut as you will know what choice will be best for you and your career aspirations.

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