If you are searching for a job in the specialty chemicals, plastics, or animal health industry, you will likely have to participate in some phone interviews during the process. They are quicker than in-person interviews, so many companies gravitate towards them. Companies also use phone interviews to narrow down applicants before deciding who to call in for in-person interviews. While they do not require as much preparation as regular interviews, you still need to make the best impression you can. Here are four phone interview tips to help you nail your call.

Communication is Key

The most important things you can do is listen carefully. You want to take the call in a quiet room. This sounds obvious, but a lot of times rooms aren’t as quiet as you think they are. Use a landline if you can, as they are more reliable and have better sound quality. If you have to use a cell phone, plan ahead in your location and test your reception. Whatever you do, don’t use speakerphone. You want to sound clear and focused, so the goal is to eliminate all distractions. On the other side of things, you need to speak as intelligibly as you can. Speak at a moderate pace and make sure you keep an audible volume. Standing during the phone call instead of sitting will help you project confidence and speak clearly. Finally, remember to smile while you’re on the call. It improves the tone of your voice and alleviates anxiety.

Practice in Advance

Practice giving a brief interview of your work experience. Also practice answering questions about your goals and experiences. You can do this with a friend or even in front of mirror. You don’t want to take much too time to answer questions or use too many vocal tics. If you tend to use filler words like “uh” and “um” when you’re nervous (like most of us), try to practice incorporating transitions in your speech; things like “in addition” or “also.” It’s ok to have pauses in your speech! Try to make your answers concise and content-rich. Practicing in advance will help with this.

Think of Questions

Asking questions will show that you are interested in the job position. You want to ask about the company’s history and values. Have prepared questions in front of you as well as any notes you need to answer questions they may have. You can also ask questions about office locations and dates. You want to avoid questions about salary and benefits at this point. In most cases, the hiring manager will bring up compensation, if not during the phone call during the in-person interview. It is better to wait until they bring it up, if possible.

Stay on Topic

Avoid talking about former or current employers and any problems you might have had. You don’t want them to think that you are difficult to work with. You also do not want to talk about your personal life unless you are asked about it directly. At this stage, the interviewer does not care about your hobbies or life goals. Focus on your career interests and goals. In particular, you want to focus on how you are the right fit for the job position.

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