Growth in the chemical industry has been steady over the last few years, but current events are making the market more volatile than anyone expected it to be in 2020. Companies must increasingly remain conscious of the risks that are clouding their industries while simultaneously embracing new opportunities for growth. That can get tricky, especially when it comes to hiring new talent.

What’s Affecting the Chemical Industry Market Right Now?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has, understandably, changed virtually every market out there, including those involving the chemical industry. Weakening economic growth, both domestically and overseas, is a factor, as are the increasing tensions surrounding international trade and supply lines. Environmental regulations and consumer activism are also changing the shape of the industry in unexpected ways.

Just the same, there’s no shortage of openings in the industry for qualified candidates — particularly for medical chemists and similar specialists. That’s partly because a lot of Baby Boomers are retiring from the field, and there’s a marked shortage of candidates with the advanced degrees and experience that many companies want. New rules tightening the use of H1-B visas are also making it difficult to lure talent from abroad, forcing many companies to turn to a progressively shrinking pool of domestic candidates for their needs.

How Do You Find People Who Can Make a Difference in Your Company?

The challenge for companies in the chemical industry today is all about finding the right talent for their open positions and then keeping them. That’s not particularly easy in an environment that’s constantly in flux, or in an era when employees constantly have new opportunities to change jobs. 

Working with specialty chemical recruiters can ease some of the burdens on your shoulders when it comes to finding experienced, reliable talent. Specialty chemical recruiters are deeply immersed in the community. They speak the language used by both companies and candidates, and they work to build relationships with each other. 

Why does that matter? In essence, a specialty chemical recruiter makes it easier to match an opening with the right candidate. You can’t afford to waste precious time and resources by filing a slot with someone who doesn’t fit your company’s culture, won’t embrace your ideals, and doesn’t have the same passion you have for your particular niche. If someone “jumps ship” soon after hiring on because they’re not a good match for your company, you can face critical setbacks in an unforgiving industry.

Every company has different hiring needs, so make sure that you work with a recruiter who completely understands the talent pool you’re after.