A Review from the point of view of a Supply Chain and Logistics Recruiter

As a recruiting firm, we find ourselves in the business of making connections with people. In order to do that, our logistics recruiters have found that building trust is essential to that. The same can go for any hiring manager looking to hire a new candidate or a candidate pursuing a new opportunity. There needs to be mutual trust built in order for the candidate to feel comfortable and excited about joining the company and for the hiring manager to feel confident in their hiring choice. Trust in these cases needs to be established and stable. Frances Frei has broken down how to build trust into three categories:

  1. Logic – Usually logic is sound. Communication is the issue compared to the quality of the logic. Start with end point in mind so if you run out of time you have made your point.
  2. Authenticity – Be yourself. If we hold back who we are, then we are less likely to be trusted and given the next building block opportunities to move through our careers. Frei’s example of being your true self is wearing what makes you look and feel good, not what other people want you to wear and say what is authentic to you, not what is expected. Leaders need to set conditions to make authenticity safe and welcome.
  3. Empathy – Show you are in it for them. Identify where, when and to whom you are likely to offer your distraction which is key to understanding who or what is causing you to withhold your empathy. An example Frei gives as a distraction is your cellphone. Without being able to understand the other party’s perspective, the problem of lack of empathy is apparent.

As Frei says, when these 3 things are working, we have great trust, but when one of these wobbles, trust is threatened. This is essential in building relationships, whether in your network, interviewing candidates, or meeting people for new opportunities. This is also a way for companies to work to build employee trust and increase retainment. So, work on these 3 key items to build trust around you. When these pillars are stable, you will notice a difference in the relationships around you.

TED Talk Video: https://www.ted.com/talks/frances_frei_how_to_build_and_rebuild_trust?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare

Written by Sylvia Moreira: Practice Lead and Logistics Recruiter