“What are your Must Haves today, Mr./ Mrs. Candidate/ Hiring Manager?”

Of all the questions I ask on a daily basis (and like any good recruiter I ask a LOT of questions), no other inquiry yields more silence and consternation. Very rarely does one wake up in the morning and think, “what are my MUST HAVES, my non-negotiables, when it comes to making a change/ hiring someone for this role?” And I understand that, I really do. Which is why this query is the final question in a series of others, trying to understand the ideal Role, Industry, Company Size, Company Culture, Location, Travel, and Compensation that a potential candidate is looking for, or what the top 3 characteristics a hiring manager is seeking. In many cases, a Must Have falls into one of the previous categories, but often times it can be something new and intangible as well.

By understanding the heart of what drives a candidate, what makes someone excited to get up and go to work in the morning, I stand a much better chance of matching someone with an opportunity. Ideally, these Must Haves align on both sides; what a company is looking for and what a candidate is seeking in their next opportunity. In my experience, what is most important in recruitment is finding the initial match, but also confirming these Must Haves as the interview process moves forward. Continuing to test and assess the presence and primacy of the Must Haves on both sides is the greatest predictor of a successful placement, and in my opinion, a key element of what makes our approach at Boaz Partners unique and effective.

Understanding what your Must Haves are, the top 2-3 items that will decide the fit, is a key element both for Candidates and Hiring Managers. While it is rare that we have that “Philosophical Shower ©” in the morning where we decide what is most important to us in our next career move/next hire, it is most certainly worth serious consideration.


Written By Kyle Johnstone, Senior Search Associate, Boaz Partners

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