In the animal health industry, organizations need rock star talent to stand out. However, conventional ideas about what makes a rock star aren’t necessarily true. We have to start thinking outside of the box when it comes to top talent because what made one a decade ago no longer holds true. Here are ways you should think outside the box when it comes to attracting rock star talent.

Work on Eliminating Bias

If you want to find better talent, the first thing you have to do is eliminate bias. The focus has to be on predicting a candidate’s potential for success. The problem is that the qualities that signify a candidate’s quality have changed over time. Thus, if organizations allow long-held biases to influence hiring decisions, they will likely make poor decisions. For example, where a candidate went to school doesn’t matter as much as it used to. Instead, look for signs of competency, such as if they had a good reputation at their previous organization. Where they worked is less important than their past work performance.

Take a Closer Look at Introverts

Introverts make up an estimated 25%-40% of the global population. Introverts tend to be quieter and tend to take longer responding during interviews because they need more time to process their thoughts. This often makes it harder for them to leave a favorable impression during interviews. This is especially true if the hiring manager is extroverted because affinity bias is a common hiring problem. People tend to hire others who remind them more of themselves. Introverts have several character traits that often help them become rock star talent. They tend to be independent, productive, and creative. They also excel at listening and self-reflection.

Ignore First Impressions

It is a smart idea to wait at least a half an hour before you decide if a candidate is the right fit for the role. This will help you eliminate first impression bias. While you don’t necessary want to ignore your instincts, you want to give each candidate a fair shot. It also helps to think through your first impression. What gave you that impression? Is it because they remind you of yourself or somebody else you know? You want to make sure you are judging the candidate accurately and for the right reasons.

In the animal health industry, a company succeeds on the strength of its employees. If you really want to hire rock star talent, you have to start thinking outside the box and go out of your way to eliminate bias from your hiring decision. This will help ensure you find candidates who will be the right fit for your organization and have the qualities necessary to thrive in your organization.

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