Career Development Month is in full swing and it has us thinking about the different moves you can make within your career path. One way is to move up with in your current organization, however, getting a promotion isn’t always as easy as one might expect. Check out these tips from some of our Boaz recruiters to get that next promotion!

Jeff Bennett: Chemical Recruiter & Food and Beverage Practice Lead

  • Show that you are still staying connected to your team, even during COVID era when the team may not all be in one place.
  • Start the conversation about wanting to be promoted and what your career path within the company could be.
  • Show that you’re still working and a dedicated part of the team- if you’re remote you may need to be creative.

Lindsay Schaaf: Director of Research and Specialty Chemical Recruiter

  • Network internally: connect to your peers, and superiors on your team and organization.
  • Show initiative: volunteer to take on more projects

Michele Baxley: Life Sciences Recruiter & Practice Lead

  • Set and Communicate Career Goals. Be goal-oriented.
  • Always be a team player. Be collaborative.
  • Make yourself indispensable. Be irreplaceable.
  • Keep learning and take initiative.
  • Document your success. Advocate for yourself.
  • Don’t be afraid to take charge. Show leadership potential.
  • Network with the right people.
  • Be an engaged employee.

Heather Meadows: Life Sciences Recruiter & Animal Health Distribution Lead

  • Emotional intelligence is a critical factor in career success and earning promotions.
  • Stretch- take on projects or volunteer for committees that stretch you beyond your current role and allow for interaction with others in your organization.

Ashley Bosh: Accounting and Finance Recruiter & Practice Lead

  • Have a plan to succeed in being an option when the opportunity opens up.
  • Be a reliable to team member – exude leadership thru your work ethic.
  • Talk to your Manager about your goals and how you can get to the next step in your current role.
  • Build a case that shows you have crushed all aspects of your current role and then use that as leverage to explain the benefits of you being promoted.