The holidays are here to bring joy, excitement and stress all together. This time of year can feel like a balancing act with the all of the work priorities for closing the year out as well as the personal events taking place for the holidays. Through many conversations, Finance Recruiter, Ashely Bosh, has heard time and time again the struggles of how crazy this time of year can be. Going into the holidays with a work life balance plan will help end the year feeling less of the stress and more enjoyment through the holidays.

Prioritize and Stick to Those Priorities

Start off with your work to do list. Go through and decide which tasks must be completed before the end of the year. Make a priority list of those and pin the list where you can see it and check those items off when completed. Put work items at the top of your priorities. Then go through personal items. Start with the events you’re invited to and decide which ones you will definitely be attending. Then add in time for other must do items on your list such as shopping or decorating.

Create a Schedule and Value Your Time

Once you have your priorities in order, mark them down. Keep a schedule, whether that is on a calendar, reminders on your phone, or elsewhere. Be wise with your time. It’s easy to lose time by falling into a virtual rabbit hole on social media or doing unnecessary tasks. Don’t intercross the times you have set for personal priorities and work priorities. Leave work at work and your personal things outside of work for the holidays.

Plan Time to Take a Breath

Don’t be afraid to schedule time for a breather or a moment for yourself so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the craziness. It’s easy to be consumed with all that you need to do for work and for holiday plans, so make sure that you give yourself time as well. Exercise, read, journal, talk to your close friends, give your pets some extra pats; do whatever will work best for you to help you stay energized through the end of the year.

The holiday season can feel jumbled together. Prioritizing, scheduling and breathing will get you through these holidays seamlessly. Enjoy these times and get excited for the near year approaching. Happy Holidays from your friends at Boaz!

Written by Ashley Bosh– Accounting and Finance Recruiter and Practice Lead