AI is the new buzzword we are constantly hearing about. While it is not a new tool, it is being used more frequently and in more ways. While some people have jumped right onto the bandwagon, others are more skeptical. The key thing to remember is it is a tool. While it can be very helpful, it will not do the work completely. For many things, the tool may be best used with a human touch. For example, if you ask an AI tool to write something, you will want to go in and do some editing. Add some human touch to it. With that in mind, AI is a tool that can help job seekers in their search if it is used properly.

How can AI help

When searching for a job, the first two things any candidate should do is update their resume and update or create a LinkedIn page if they do not already have one. Where AI can be utilized in this step is in template building. Based on your work experience, you can use AI to give a template for your resume in which you can fill in the pieces. It can also offer assistance in writing structure and improve sentences. Once your resume is ready, AI can also be used to review and offer suggestions for improvements.

The next step that AI can be used for is in research. When looking into new companies, careers, or industries, AI can provide answers to your questions. If you are applying to companies, use the AI tool to learn about the company and any recent news. It can also keep you updated in the industry by giving trends or you can use it to provide suggestions for resources to stay on top of industry trends.

Once you start interviewing, AI can be used as a tool for preparation. This can spark ideas for questions to ask in the interviews or suggest answers to common interview questions.

Mistakes to Avoid when using AI

The biggest mistake you can make when using AI is not adding in the human touch. Keep in mind, that this is to aid in your search. It should not be doing all of the work for you. With that being said, you should not just copy and paste what the AI tool gives you. It can be used as a starting point or for suggestions, but you will need to put your work into it as well. Some tools can be used to detect how much content was copied from AI tools so don’t make the mistake of losing out on an opportunity by getting caught doing that. AI is great for getting started but you will need to personalize everything that it gives you.

AI can be a powerful tool and it is constantly developing. Try the tool out in your next job search and see how it can be a tool. Remember though, it is just that- a tool. Use it for suggestions and a starting point but always be sure to personalize your work.

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