Ghosting is the act of seemingly disappearing. Thanks to the digital era we now live in, ghosting has become a regular occurrence. What does ghosting look like in the hiring/interviewing process? It can be a two-way street. It starts with a candidate applying for a job. Oftentimes, the candidate will interview and speak with someone on the hiring team. Then, ghosting can happen on either side. The candidate may ignore follow-up emails from the company and just never respond back. Or, it can be the candidate waiting to hear back from the company after their interview and they never receive the next steps or any sort of feedback from the company. Ghosting leaves the other party hanging and leaves questions unanswered. As a company, it may not be the best idea to ghost candidates for a multitude of reasons.

The hiring process is a reflection of your brand. The way that hiring is handled is a look into the company. A positive or negative experience will directly influence the candidate’s thoughts on the company. The hiring process also gives an idea of what the work environment is like. People tend to prefer to support companies that have a good work environment. Even if a candidate was not a fit for the job themselves, if it was a positive experience there are chances that they may be willing to offer referrals from their network. A positive experience can also leave the door open. Just because they are not fit for this position, does not mean that they won’t be a fit for a hiring need in the future. Positive experiences can leave the door open for possible future partnerships, whether that is directly within the same company or partnering in other professional ways.

Rejection is uncomfortable but it offers more comfort than ghosting. Candidates will appreciate honesty and transparency from a company. The best way to reject a candidate is by personalizing the message. When communicating with them, give them feedback on your decision and encourage them to apply or keep in touch for future positions. Do this in a timely manner. Do not keep the candidate waiting for a response. It is likely they may be interviewing at other places. If your company is their top choice, they could have offers waiting from other places but are waiting to hear back from your company before making a decision. The key to keeping the situation as positive

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