Your phone rings and it’s a phone number you may not know; many of us let it go to voicemail. When you go back to listen to the voicemail, you discover that it was a recruiter reaching out to you. Do you call them back? You should and here is why:

Today’s connections could be tomorrow’s opportunities

When you connect with a recruiter, they likely have a role in mind for you. Sometimes that role is exactly what you are looking for and other times it just is not a fit. However, the conversation is still valuable either way. Connecting with a recruiter is connecting with an industry expert. If you connect with a chemical recruiter, you are building a relationship with someone who consistently works with companies in your niche that could be your future employers. We have built relationships with candidates and two years later helped place them in a new opportunity. What connections you make today could bring career advancements and opportunities down the road. The relationships we make today may not produce something for some time, but it could lead to a future career opportunity.

Career and market advice

Being able to connect with hiring managers and candidates from a plethora of chemical companies, recruiters get a firsthand look into industry trends and know what the ideal candidate looks like. If you are open about your career background, interests and future goals, a recruiter can make more accurate career suggestions and know what to keep you in mind for when working on future roles. Plus, recruiters know about opportunities from companies that may not be posted or that are confidential. At some point in your career, if you are interested in making a job change, a recruiter could get you connected with an opportunity you may not have otherwise known about. A relationship with a recruiter will help you get into the running for opportunities that they know your personality will match well with so that you will seamlessly fit in with the company culture. That means your chances of not only landing the role but being successful in it could be even higher.

Calling a recruiter back may not bring benefits today, but who knows what the connection could lead you to down the road. A relationship with a recruiter can offer industry trends, career advice and could even bring you a career advancement at some point. See what a quick connection could do for you and your career, you won’t know unless you pick up the phone. What could a relationship with a recruiter do for you?

-Wes Washington: Managing Director & Specialty Chemicals Recruiter