In spite of the fact that hiring managers and recruiters may have the same end goal, which is hiring the best talent for the company and the role at the right time, it’s also important to remember that recruiters have specific expertise and training on how to hire. Rather than settling for candidates who are unemployed and looking for a job, recruiters have an effective process that yields industry specific top performers. Here are the top four reasons why you should invest in a recruiter sooner than later:

1. Access to Passive Talent
If you want to break the cycle of only attracting and hiring habitually unemployed candidates, you should consider partnering with professional recruiters that have access to candidates that are already successful in the industry and not actively pursuing other opportunity. We won’t hesitate to initiate conversations with happily employed professionals and talk to them about their current situations.

2. A Proactive Approach
Sourcing top-level individuals is the primary FOCUS of their job, and not just one aspect of it. They can dedicate 100% of their time to finding, interviewing, negotiating, and onboarding of fresh talent. They remain proactive in their mission to out into the passive marketplace instead of waiting around for the “right” talent to apply. They often have access to executives within companies outside of a job board or HR.

3. Market Mastery
Recruiters are aware of the current events and know all aspects of the market whether it’s salary trends and updated on acquisitions or expansions or companies with fleeing employees. Knowledge is power. Recruiters know what is going on in the market and can be an extra set of eyes and ears for you. Recruiters do this every day by talking to candidates in similar roles on a consistent basis.

4. Resources
Recruiters know where to look and have all of the necessary resources like LinkedIn, Zoom, etc. Recruiters also have a database and they continue to add on to it, so the client does not. Recruiters are also networking masters. A common mistake being made by many leaders is underestimating the value of networking.

Instead of settling for candidates who are unemployed or unhappy in their current role, recruiters have a tried and true process, expansive network, and industry connections to match high achieving candidates with just the right company. Hiring great talent should be a top priority toward your company’s success. Working with a recruiter can help your company grow, expand into new areas, and exceed your goals.

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photo credit: Bruce Mars