Interviews can be terrifying for both the experienced and the newcomer. It can feel like you are on trial, but that is not the case. An interview is a way for business leaders to get to know you and see if you’ll be a good fit for the role.

How Do I Prepare for an Interview?

The best way to prepare for an interview is to be familiar the individual with whom you will be interviewing, as well as the company itself. Doing this research demonstrates that as a candidate, you are interested and engaged in the interview process (this will also help separate you from your competition).

1. Be Familiar with Your Accomplishments and Weaknesses

Knowing yourself as well as you know your job is a great way to get started. The one asking the questions is going to want to see how you handle them, and presenting your answers with confidence can go a long way. Be familiar with your work history and accomplishments, as well as explaining transitions and reasoning behind making a change.

2. Think on Your Feet

In many job interviews, the employer will ask you questions about the job and pose hypothetical questions. Make sure you have a familiarity with the responsibilities of the job you’re applying to. Ensure that you are the best version of yourself: get enough sleep, look your best, and bring energy to the conversation.

3. Don’t Dominate the Conversation

Another common pitfall is to talk too much about yourself and dominate the conversation. Be prepared to ask questions but do not ask too many that they cannot get a word in. A good interview is a balance of questions and answers. Prepare with some original thought questions about goals, challenges, expectations, and culture.

4. What Not to Discuss

The first interview is not the time or the place to discuss money. A company is not interested in getting into that conversation until they are sure they want to hire you. If you are a good fit, the company tends to make a fair offer.

Keep it simple and be prepared to answer any relevant questions; maintain an enthusiastic attitude about the job and the interview. Doing this will make you stand out and be considered one who takes the job seriously.

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