The competition to land top candidates in the chemicals, plastics and heavy industrial markets remains high, but too many companies are failing to recognize the importance of the hiring process. Luring the best candidates to your open positions is just the first step. Companies with the most effective hiring strategies are able to land the most qualified candidates. Here are four tips to improve your hiring process:

1. Work with a Skilled Recruiter

Choose one recruiting agency that you trust and hold them accountable. The best recruiting firms take a deep dive into your corporate culture to fully understand your company’s mission and vision. Once you’ve retained a great firm, hold them accountable during the process; stay actively involved by taking their calls and providing any additional information they need to complete the search.

2. Conduct Phone Interviews

Conduct a phone interview with everyone they send you in a timely manner. This will deter top candidates from looking elsewhere. Time kills deals; taking swift action will keep strong candidates engaged. Again, having an organized hiring process is essential in winning the war for talent.

3. Timely, Relevant Feedback

Provide relevant feedback promptly after the interview. Follow the recruiter’s recommended debriefing steps. This feedback is invaluable to the hiring process and enables the recruiter to make any necessary adjustments.

4. Execute Clear Interview Steps

The phone interview should always happen first, followed by a face-to-face meeting with candidates, and possibly a follow-up meeting. Next, you should schedule facility tours, meet & greets and other relevant steps such as personality/behavior profiles. Inform candidates of any testing expectations upfront so that there are no further delays during the hiring process. The final steps should include salary negotiation followed by an official offer letter to allow for any potential counter-offers.

Remember, time is of the essence during the hiring process. Don’t leave your candidates waiting an inordinate amount of time for feedback or an offer. If you interview a strong candidate, make a move! Clients who win the war for talent typically offer candidates positions within weeks of receiving their information from the recruiting firm.

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