If you’re struggling to find the top candidates in the chemicals & plastics industry, then it’s likely that you’re only targeting a small portion of the qualified market. Many companies only focus on the talent that’s available to them now, and miss out on a vast number of qualified professionals that they could be cherry-picking from. The problem is that they don’t have access to those qualified professionals – because they are happily employed.

This is when a search firm can quickly become your most valuable tool. Choosing to work alongside of a recruiter means that you will have access to a network of qualified candidates. Even though they may not be actively on the market, presenting them with the right offer might just change their minds. But, there are also a variety of other effective techniques that search firms commonly use to land candidates that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

1. Your Competition

A recruiter will not hesitate to call a direct competitor on your behalf. Chances are that the best candidate for your job opening is already working in the industry somewhere else, but people love to know what other employment options might be available to them.

2. Market Mastery

Search firms are market masters in the niche in which they recruit. They understand the ins and outs of a particular industry. And due to time constraints, most hiring managers can’t compete with search firms when it comes to researching, recruiting and screening candidates in a successful timeframe.

3. Dedicated Resources

Recruiters use dedicated resources specific to the job search. They bring their lasting relationships in the industry along with specialized search models that produce desired results.

4. An Active Search

Recruiters are not simply relying on a job posting to see who applies. They are actively reaching out the very best candidates.

5. Out-of-the-Box Thinking

Some candidates may seem lackluster based solely upon their resume, but don’t count them out right away. Using a search firm can help you find those potential “sleepers.”

6. An International Reach

Search firms won’t let borders stand in the way of recruiting talent and typically have international connections that they can reach out to.

A respectable search firm will provide many of these services to help your company locate and land candidates who were previously unavailable to you.

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