Even though most of us have been on at least one side of the recruitment process before, there is an abundance of misinformation out there about hiring and recruitment. Whether you’re a job seeker, an employer, or a recruiter, you’ve likely heard these five myths about recruiting at some point. We’d like to shed some light on how the recruitment process really works. Here are five myths about recruiting, busted.

1. Perks Are What Matter When Creating a Great Workplace

Some employers believe that to create an attractive workplace they have to come up with exciting perks to attract great talent. They see big tech companies with pool tables in the break room, free refreshments, and other cool fringe benefits. In the animal health industry, those kind of “extras” don’t necessarily mean your organization has a great work culture. Effective leadership, career development opportunities, flexibility, and a culture built on trust and respect are what most job seekers want. Perks are only a small part of a much larger equation.

2. You Have to Game the System If You Want to Be Hired

Many job seekers feel like they need to game the system if they want to land a job. They don’t trust that the hiring process that companies and organizations use is fair. The reality is hiring processes are usually more complex than people realize. You have many people involved including recruiters, hiring managers, HR professionals, and executive leadership who all have their own goals. A recruiter is looking to fit specific candidates with companies, hiring managers are looking for the best talent they can find that fits with the company’s culture, and HR is trying to ensure the fairness and legality of the process. This doesn’t mean you need to game the system, you just have to be patient and realistic. The process takes time.

3. Only Apply to a Job If You Have All of the Qualifications

Another common thing job hunters hear is that they shouldn’t apply to job ads that list experiences they don’t have. Some employers won’t hire a candidate who doesn’t have all the necessary qualifications and experiences. But not every employer takes this approach. Some are more focused on finding a candidate who they believe will be a great cultural fit. Some companies will train employees who they think have the right personality and attitude. Plus, if you have soft skills, a company might overlook gaps in technical skills.

4. Talent Will Come to You

Some employers think if they post an ad on a job board, the best employees will come to them. Sometimes an amazing candidate will find you, but this isn’t the norm. The best employees often have jobs already and aren’t actively looking for a job. This is one of the main reasons companies hire recruiters. The best employees won’t always find you, so you have to find them.

5. Small Businesses Don’t Need to Recruit Workers

Recruiters are helpful whether your company has 1,000 employees or 10. A recruiter seeks out top candidates who are the perfect fit for your company. All companies succeed on the strength of their employees. So even if you are a smaller company, working with a recruiter can help your company perform better. Especially with small companies, one bad employee can bring down the whole team.

There are many myths out there regarding recruitment and hiring. Some of the misinformation can make the recruitment and hiring processes intimidating. Some might even prevent job hunters from finding the right fit. Hopefully, this dispels some of these myths and helps candidates find their dream jobs with companies that value great talent.


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