Much has been written about recruiting. Some of it is true; some of it is false. In a competitive employment market, recruiters are an essential part of a company’s talent acquisition plan. Yet, there are many misconceptions out there about recruiting. Here are 7 misconceptions about recruiting clarified.

1. Recruiters Only Care about Money

One of the biggest misconceptions about recruiting is that the recruiter’s priority is money, not the client’s best interest. Most recruiters, however, care greatly about both the client’s growth and the candidates’ career advancement. They take the time to get to know what motivates their client and candidates, so they can understand how to best meet their objectives.

2. Recruiters Reach out with Only One Role in Mind

Recruiters are tuned in to every part of the industry in which they specialize. If they call you with a role in mind, and it ends up not being the right fit, this does not mean the recruiter will forget about you. They might call back a few weeks later and present you with another opportunity. Recruiters are in the business of creating long-term connections with talent in their field.

3. Recruiters Only Present Candidates with the Highest Salary

Recruiters understand that job hunters are interested in more than just compensation. Many candidates would choose to work at a company that pays less if the company offers great benefits and an exciting company culture. Recruiters will work to under-stand what perks you want in your job and find opportunities that fit your needs.

4. Recruiters Are Just Collecting Resumes

Recruiters speak with both candidates and employers. They know that resumes only tell part of the story and try to understand candidates on a deeper level. They also talk to passive candidates who might not even have resumes because they are already employed. Many recruiters only get paid when they close a deal. Because of this, they tend to only work with a few candidates at a time. This allows them to work very closely with the candidate and build a relationship with them.

5. Recruiters Just Want to Land the Job

Recruiters aren’t just trying to place you in a job. They are trying to find a job that will be a good long-term fit for your skills, value, and personality. They don’t consider it a success if they place you with a job you hate, and you end up quitting three months down the line.

6. Recruiters Find People Jobs

This is perhaps the biggest misconception people have about recruiters. The job of a recruiter is not to find people jobs. Their job is to find people for jobs and companies. A recruiter looks at the role and the company first. They focus on the requirements and the culture, then consider which candidates will fit in that role the best. It is ultimately about finding a mutual fit for both sides to succeed.

7. Working with Multiple Recruiters Is Better

Many people think using multiple recruiters will yield better results. Working with a recruiter is most effective when you build a strong relationship with the recruiter. You have to build trust with the recruiter, and the recruiter has to know your professional goals inside and out. It is a lot easier to create this kind of relationship with one recruit-er than trying to create it with three. Plus, if you work with multiple recruiters they may end up submitting your resume to the same employer, which can become confusing.

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