Are you preparing for an interview in the animal health field? The key to acing an interview and receiving the offer you want is to prepare sufficiently so you can be yourself and communicate clearly about your accomplishments. But it’s also helpful to think critically about your interview techniques and behaviors so you can make the best impression. Here are some tips to ace your interview and get the offer you want.

Learn as Much as You Can about the Role

Before you arrive at interview, research the company and the role you have applied for. Then, at the start of interview, ask the hiring manager to elaborate on the expectations for the role. This will allow to customize each of your responses to directly related to the tasks and expectations associated with the role. The candidates that end up landing the job aren’t necessarily the ones who have the most technical skills. They’re usually the ones who understand the role the best and can show the hiring manager they have the ability to perform in the role successfully.

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

During interviews, candidates tend to focus on what they communicate verbally, but nonverbal communication is equally important. For example, you want to make sure you make consistent eye contact. You also want to avoid nail-biting and other nervous tics. You also want to be aware of your facial expressions. Are you smiling sincerely when appropriate? Or do you look confused, angry, or uncomfortable? Crossing your arms may send the message that you’re defensive and don’t want to be there. Body language is important because it helps show that you are confident, present, and enthusiastic.

Make Your Answers Detailed

For most interview questions, your answers should span one to two minutes. If you only give one-sentence responses, the interviewer may think you have nothing to say. You want to express your genuine interest in the role. Don’t make your responses too long however. Answers that exceed three minutes are typically too long and need to be more concise. If you talk too much, you risk sounding like you’re rambling or egotistical. Essentially, you should acknowledge you understand the question and ask for clarification if you don’t. Then answer the question and provide examples and details to elaborate on your response. With your answers, you want to show the interviewer what you accomplished in past jobs and how you’ve achieved goals and overcome challenges.

Many candidates spend so much time stressing about interviews that they don’t take enough time to research the company and prepare for the interview. In animal health, the candidates who receive great offers are the ones who clearly demonstrate performance potential in their interview.

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