Competition in the animal health industry has never been higher. If you want your organization to grow and succeed, one step you should take is to invest in an upskilling program. Here are some reasons why you need an upskilling program to stay competitive.

Skills Gap

The difficulty of job responsibilities is increasing at a faster rate than most education programs can accommodate. A recent study by the World Economic Forum revealed that 54% of employees worldwide will need upskilling by 2022 to accommodate this skill gap. Organizations need to invest more in training if they want their employees to keep up with the competition. Many companies have insufficient training, which contributes to the skill gap. They have training events once a year, and that’s it. Effective training programs allow employees to learn consistently by making learning a habitual activity.

Attract and Create Better Talent

Right now, young professionals prioritize career development when they make career decisions. Upskilling programs will help you attract talent and keep them engaged so they stay for the long term. They perceive a job as an opportunity to progress their career. The best candidates understand that career advancement requires them to develop new skills. Upskilling also improves the talent you already have. Through upskilling, employees gain the tools they need to improve performance and often discover skills they didn’t know they had.

Changing Employees’ Mindsets

The key is to show your employees that learning is a process that never ends. If they’re always focused on growing their skills and expanding their knowledge base, they will have the ability to always be high performers. Some employees have negative reactions to words like upskilling or reskilling. They take pride in the skills that they have, and they don’t want to feel like they aren’t good enough. Most react more favorably to positive concepts like continuous learning. Ultimately, you just want your team members to embrace the idea of learning is an essential part of the work experience.

In animal health, the organizations that succeed in this economy are the ones who commit to continued education. Your employees need to have the most up-to-date skills if you want your company to outshine your competitors. Start by encouraging your team to think about work as an opportunity to learn and to grow. If you want to be the best, you need the best talent.

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