Advanced materials are state-of-the-art engineered materials designed with enhanced properties to create superior performance. The application of advanced materials is amplifying the manufacturing of products in various industries ranging from aerospace, energy, consumer electronics and sporting goods.


The advanced materials recruiting practice has a unique and niche expertise in the composites manufacturing working with roles from the lab to full scale production with materials including but not limited to thermoplastics and thermosets.

Specialty Plastics and Polymers

Our advanced materials recruiters understand the creation and end use of polymers and fibers that span across various industries. This allows us to understand the nuances of the industry to provide top talent that meet the technical needs of these organizations.
•  PEEK  •  PEKK  •  PEI  •  PPS  •  Epoxy  •  Carbon Fiber  •  Glass Fiber  •  Aramid  •  Nylon

Materials Distribution

Tangential to our expertise in the manufacturing sector, our practice understands advanced materials distribution recruitment which has allowed us to integrate ourselves further in the advanced materials industry.


Advanced materials provide innovative technology which support superior performance across various applications.


Oil & gas

Consumer Electronics
Sporting Goods

Team/Practice Leader
John Kehoe
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