Advanced materials are the building products for everyday use products from specialty packaging meant to transport caustic chemicals to the pen sitting on every desk across the globe. With the ability to customize almost every aspect of the raw materials including color, heat tolerance, elasticity to start, companies are having to engineer each batch of material they manufacture to push the industry further creating unique, never before seen products.

Rubber, Epoxy, Urethanes, and Elastomers

The elastomers recruiting practice has unique, niche specific expertise in compounding and processing; recruiting technical roles with applications within Construction, industrial manufacturing, and decorative industries.


Spanning across multiple verticals including automotive, industrial manufacturing and automation, oil and gas and petrochemicals, our lubricants recruiting practice understands the nuances of the industry to provide top technical talent.

Specialty Plastics and Polymers

The specialty plastics recruiting practice focuses on upstream processing of specialty and raw materials providing materials to process into a variety of applications including, personal care, molding, compounding, etc.

Materials Distribution

Tangential to our expertise in the manufacturing sector, we have a practice specially focused in the materials and specialty chemical distribution recruitment: allowing us to further integrate ourselves in the specialty chemical industry

Pros and Cons of Personality Testing in an Interview Process

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