Ask a Recruiter: Number One Thing You Should Do in an Interview

We asked our Specialty Chemical Recruiters and Animal Health Recruiters what was one thing to avoid during an interview. See their answers below

  1. Prepare ahead of time.
  2. Listen to the question being asked, ask a clarifying question if needed, then answer as succinctly as possible.
  3. Drive to work hard. What has been most helpful for me has been the follow-through, check-ins, and desire to work as opposed to experience. Does not apply to all professions of course.
  4. PREP before – Be sincere and in it to win – Have the decision in your hands to move forward in the process.
  5. Ask questions.
  6. Be able to quantify exactly what you have accomplished.
  7. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Learn as much about the company as possible and demonstrate your knowledge through questions.

For more interview tips look at our Candidate Resources Page or contact one of our recruiters.


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