Team bonding can take many forms. As chemical recruiters and animal health recruiters, our team bonding exercises can get pretty creative. Starting with our team-building activities to kick off the 2023 year. We learned about ourselves and how each other ticks. Not only will this help us work better together as a team, but it was a gift of personal development as well. Team bonding has many perks, but of the gems that came out of our activities was one phrase: Be Present.

Be Present in What You Are Doing

No matter the task you are doing, be present. Devote your full attention to what you are doing. We are surrounded by distractions around all of us. Think about it while you are working. There are constant distractions around us including cell phones, email notifications, social media, or anything else that tempts us to stop being present in the task. Focus on one thing at a time. Turn those notifications on do not disturb. Schedule small breaks in between tasks to allow time to take a breath or to check those distractions at a time that is less disruptive.

Be Present with the People Around You

This could be with your family, friends, or coworkers. It is one thing to hear them, but it is another to actively listen and be present with them. The same distractions above can pull us away from being present with the people around us. Our own minds drifting can do the same as well. Listen to hear what they are saying, not come up with a response. Be present with people by making eye contact while they speak, asking questions, and actively engaging with them. Being more present with the people around you will build and strengthen relationships.

Be Present Within Yourself

Allow yourself to be present at the moment. Give your full attention to the person, task or moment. Do self-check-ins to determine what is pulling your attention away. Taking deep breaths, meditating, going for a walk, or talking to someone are ways to help bring yourself back to the moment. Identify what tends to pull you away from being present and find solutions that work best for you to become present again.


It is a new year with new goals. This means it is time for a reset. A new year with new successes to come. However, it does not have to be a new year to do a reset. A reset can come at any point when you need one. If something does not go to plan or your get pushed back a couple of steps, that is the perfect time for a reset. Did you meet your goals early? Celebrate and reset; what will be the following goals to work towards? A reset can be used to start over or move into the next layer of success. Allow yourself a reset when it is needed.

In 2023, we are aiming to be present and are committed to working towards our reset goals for the year. Be present with those around us, the service we are providing, and with ourselves in the moment.

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