There is a common misconception that during an interview, only the candidate is being interviewed, when in fact, it should be a two-way street. Often you will hear recruiters compare interviewing to going on dates. Ultimately, the candidate and the company are searching for a “partner” that is suited to meet their expectations and needs. However, often the company’s needs and expectations tend to be put at the forefront of an interview. In reality, candidates should also be diving into the details of the companies, just as the hiring managers are looking to learn more about their background. As chemical recruiters, we find ourselves screening for these specific details because the reality is that candidates are more likely to stay in a role if it meets the criteria for what they are looking for in their career and in life. If you are a candidate going into an interview, consider these ideas and questions when discovering the possibilities of a new company.

Manage expectations

Both the candidate and the hiring manager will have expectations for the other. Just as the hiring manager will be asking questions to gauge what they could expect from the interviewee, candidates should also ask questions to get an understanding of what will be expected of them and what they can expect for their future should they choose to join the company.

  • What would the training be like for this role?
  • What would be expected of me in the first 60-90 days?
  • Who does this role interact with most? Who are the peers in this role?
  • What goals should be met within the first year?
  • What opportunities for growth are there for this role?
  • How much travel is expected in this role?
  • Does the company promote from within? Are there opportunities to grow in the organization? If so, what could that path look like?

What will it be like to work there?

There is no way to know absolutely what it will be like to work for a company, but asking the right questions can help paint the picture. This is important to make sure that the organization’s values and systems are in line with the candidate’s. This can include culture, benefits, work-life balance, and more.

  • How long have you been in the company and what has made you stay?
  • Can you describe the company culture?
  • Can you describe the team?
  • What is your favorite thing to brag about the company? What is the number one sizzle for working with this organization?
  • How would you describe your management style?
  • How could the team improve and how can I assist in that?
  • What are the goals for the team/organization for the next year?

Candidates going into an interview should have a checklist of items of what would meet their expectations in an ideal opportunity. Write them down and ask the appropriate questions during the interview to get a better idea if this organization and role are a match that will push you towards your career goals. When interviewing works both ways, candidates and organizations find themselves with better matches.

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