When it comes to Executive level or highly technical job openings, it has always been essential to find the right search consultant to work with. Now with the changes brought on by Covid-19, it is more important than ever before. Especially now, specialty chemical recruiters need to have the ability to dive into the right passive candidate pool for your company. Chemical recruiter, Jeff Bennett takes potential clients through our process from beginning to end to ensure that we are the right partner for their search needs. These are the key points to keep in mind when choosing the right search consultant:

What type of firm do you want to use?

There are different options for type of firms you can work with. There are generalist firms that fill a variety of roles within different industries. These firms may be best for lower level or less technical roles. Then there are niche or boutique firms that have a specific focus on industry.  These firms are best for higher level, highly technical or industry specific roles.

Do your research

If you need a niche firm, do research before working with them. Check out the firm’s website and the recruiter’s LinkedIn profile. Do they speak the language and properly use industry terms? If not then that may not be the right partner.

Analyze the process

A good search consultant should take you through a process and be able to explain in detail how they will tackle the search.

  • Did the recruiter ask you for a job description and get to work? A good search consultant should schedule a phone call with the parties involved in hiring for the role to dive deeper into the needs and the company.
  • Do they ask the tough questions? Your search consultant should ask questions that help narrow down the must haves for the role and define exactly what type of candidate you need.
  • How does the search consultant ensure that this placement will be a long term fit? There should be a detailed discussion about company and team culture. This is to find out what type of person would excel in your company and what personality type will work best with your team.
  • A good partner should be able to tell your company’s story. They need to act as a sound board for what you tell them about your company and be able to paint the picture for candidates. With this comes with strategy to be able to use the full picture to attract passive talent.

Living in a Covid-19 world with uncertainty has made it even more challenging to attract passive candidates. This is what it causes the need now more than ever for hiring managers to find the right search consultant to partner with. Doing this will help bring top talent to help take your team to the next level and come out of the pandemic even stronger!

-Featuring Specialty Chemical Recruiter and Food & Beverage Practice Lead Jeff Bennett