Business meetings and networking have changed drastically since the onset of Covid in mid-March of this year. The sales presentation and handshake have been replaced by the video call and head-nod. Despite a decline of in-person meetings and networking gatherings, the need to network and stay connected remain the same, if not more important. Here are some tips to remain in-tune with your network.

  • Contact old clients and connections you haven’t spoken to recently, while continuing to strengthen the relationship with the ones you have.
    • The simple act of connecting with another is important to building and nurturing a relationship.
    • All conversations don’t have to be all business, all the time. Taking a moment to ask someone how they are and connecting on a personal level can make a huge impact on someone.
  • Utilize social media platforms
    • Joining groups on linkedin is a great way to engage with similar professionals.
    • Becoming a L.I.O.N (Linkedin Open Networker) will alert professionals in the industry that you are open to connecting
  • Find and join online conferences or industry-based webinars
    • Lots of tradeshows and industry round-tables have opted to go virtual instead of cancelling. Many of these organization have a networking platform built-in to promote connecting with other industry professionals
  • Join Trade Associations
    • Many companies will post openings on specific trade association websites
    • Attending meetings or being active on the board will also keep you engaged in the marketplace
  • Join Alumni Associations
    • Alumni Associations can be the biggest benefit while networking, plus who doesn’t love swapping stories from their Alma Mater?
  • Reach out to specialty recruiters
    • Niche-specific recruiters are tapped into the marketplace from speaking with multiple individuals at all levels every day. They may know who is hiring for profiles such as yours or others in your network and industry, as well as other recruiters crossing over similar industries.

Networking is about building lasting relationships that benefit all parties involved, and the greater effort you put towards this, the greater your return.


Lindsay Schaaf – Director of Research

Specialty Chemical Recruiter