The talent shortage in manufacturing is having some interesting effects in the recruiting market. The U.S. is boasting its best manufacturing jobs growth in decades, and the demand for finding the right candidates is as strong as we’ve ever experienced. Recruiting top talent requires more persistence, focus, and creativity than ever before. Here are some of the recruiting trends we’re seeing.

A More Proactive Approach

In order to be successful in this candidate-driven market, we’ve had to take a much more proactive approach. Some of the traditional ways, like reaching out to potential candidates via LinkedIn InMails just aren’t as effective as they used to be because people are being bombarded with job opportunities that often aren’t even relevant to them. More candidates have started screening their email accounts to avoid spam. Recruiters are taking the initiative to call passive candidates that might be interested in making a professional change in their lives, because it’s more effective to establish a rapport with candidates over the phone versus email, and it shows how serious our opportunities are.

Frequent Communication

Recruiters are also emphasizing client communication to ensure that the hiring process is as efficient as possible so that applicants aren’t lured by other competing opportunities. You have to hire with a sense of urgency since the most qualified candidates are considering several offers. Providing candidates with open and frequent communication is also critical so they stay focused on your offer. Showcasing employer value is an essential piece of winning the war for talent puzzle.

Entry Level Positions

Another interesting trend is that the demand for even lower level talent is strong. Companies are reaching out to our firm to help with entry-level or early-career roles. This hasn’t been the norm in the past since many recruiters specialize in senior to executive-level leadership roles. Yet, it’s just as important to hire the right candidates for these positions to avoid high turnover and other costly issues down the road. We are seeing many smaller companies with great entry-level opportunities that aren’t connecting with recent college graduates who have the right skills for their jobs. We help to bridge that gap by recruiting candidates to companies rather than specific positions. Entry-level candidates are then matched to the right positions based on information provided during the interview process.


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