As the year is quickly coming to a close and the holidays are approaching, this is the perfect time of year for reflection. That can be a reflection looking back on the current year and where you stand today and where you would like to be by this point next year. Finishing the current year strong can take different forms based on the current state of your goals. Look back at what your goals for the year were. Be honest with yourself about where those goals stand today. There are three categories for where your goals may be right now: accomplished, possible to accomplish before January, or not going to accomplish.


If your goals fall into this category, congrats! This is a great place to be in around this time of year. Start thinking of your goals for next year. Start working towards those now. The work you put in today can set you up for a great start to the New Year. Decide on small goals to accomplish this year that will put you on track for accomplishing your larger-picture goals next year.

Possible to accomplish

This can be an exciting point to be in the year. You can see the finish line. Do some deeper digging into your goals. Split your goals into categories. Decide what goals are most important, what is closest to being accomplished, and what will set you up for the most success next year. Focus on those and prioritize those. Take the necessary actions to accomplish those goals.

Not going to accomplish

Everyone falls into this category at some point, and that is okay. Some of your goals may be in this category and some may be in the other two categories. If you find yourself here, don’t give up. Similar to the accomplished category, think about what actions and small goals can set you up to be successful next year. Prioritize your goals for the New Year and start working towards them now.

The best way to start the New Year strong is to end the previous year on a strong note. Where do you want to be by this time next year and what would you like to accomplish? The work you put in today will help bring you to success then.

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