The industrial manufacturing industry is experiencing a steady exodus of baby boomers from the workforce due to retirement. The vast majority of them also held senior to executive level leadership roles. Designating leaders from subsequent generations, like Gen X, is critical to the success of any organization. In addition to their broad range of skills, here are some unique leadership qualities that Gen X can provide you with.


The workforce is a melting pot of people from a variety of different generations that can have conflicting values and goals. But if you want to promote a positive work culture, then Gen X leaders are ideally suited for collaborating with workers from generations before and after them. They’re exceptional communicators, and they also understand the baby boomer mentality, along with what millennials want in their careers.


Gen X workers are considered to be more versatile than others. In spite of the fact that some of them have multiple career transitions on their resumes, this flexibility has also enabled them to gain expertise in multiple sectors, thus forging a path to become great leaders.

Innovative Approaches

A vast majority of the workforce already knows how to use technology in some capacity, yet Gen X is the pioneer of leveraging it to build economic and cultural capital. They’ve discovered ways to use social media, mobile devices, etc., to become much more efficient at their jobs. Gen X is distinct in its ability to blend traditional learning methods with tech-enabled tools to achieve their professional development goals.

Conventional Qualities

Today’s leaders still require many of the conventional characteristics linked to previous generations if they want to excel in these industries. Gen X is renowned for respecting established company cultures along with embodying a strong work ethic. Instead of walking through the doors and trying to change workplace products and procedures, they focus more on finding ways to improve them.

From knowing how to develop new talent to bringing original ideas to fruition, Gen X is similar to the baby boomers when it comes to possessing some of the more traditional qualities. But, it’s their collection of conventional and modern skills that sets them apart from any other generation.

Consider your approach when hiring and retaining Gen X leaders. Gen X candidates are looking for long-term stability, loyalty, and a greater work-life balance.

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