Truth or myth: The holiday season is not a good time for hiring and job searching. There are arguments for both sides. While the holiday season can be a bit hectic, it’s not a bad idea for hiring managers and candidates to take advantage of this time.

For the hiring managers:
There is one thing that tends to get in the way of the interview process- most people take off around this time of year. However, this is something that we can take advantage of. As chemical recruiters, we like to continue our call volume through this time because often, candidates are more available to answer their phones. Not only that, candidates taking time off means that it can be easier for them to interview. This can give you access to some great candidates that other companies may be overlooking or waiting to jump on until they continue hiring in Q1 and Q2. This can also give strategic budgeting options that allow employers to decide if they would like hiring costs to hit in their end of the year budget or in the New Year.

For the candidates:

Use this time of year to be proactive if you are looking for a new opportunity. Recruiters are continuing to make phone calls. Take advantage of this and set time aside to discover the opportunities they might have. Time taken off now can be a great time to schedule interviews. Many people put their job search on hold until after the holidays, so there could be less competition for open opportunities. While there are companies that will put a hold on hiring until Q1, this is the time to get a head. Connecting with a recruiter now can help you be first in line as soon as an opportunity opens for interviewing and hiring in the New Year. What you do now can bear fruit in the near future.

The holiday season is always going to be busy, that is a given. However, there are benefits to staying on top of the hiring and job-hunting process through these times. What is done now will allow you to get ahead in the first Quarter and working with a recruiter will can help during these busy times. Let this be the time of holiday cheer and opportunities to soon follow.

-Written by Michelle Laud: Specialty Chemicals Recruiter & Sr. Search Executive