After going through job applications and rounds of interviews, you finally get the job offer. Congrats! Now is time to do some analyzing to make sure this is the right job offer for you. When accepting an offer, it comes down to more than just considering the salary being presented. The whole picture needs to be considered; from the compensation and benefits package to the company and role itself. Not every job will be for every person, so make sure this is the right opportunity before accepting. Here are things to consider:

Does it check the boxes?

Before going into interviews, it is likely that you had an idea of things that you would like to get out of your next opportunity. These things can range from a short commute, or maybe you’re looking to relocate, upward growth in your career, or a better cultural fit. Whatever your check list consisted of when considering if you should interview with the company, hold onto those items to consider again when looking over the offer. What boxes does this opportunity check? What are things that you will have to sacrifice and how much importance do those hold.

Does it fit your goals?

Take a moment to think about your career goals. Will this opportunity and its responsibilities lead you to the next career step? This could be stepping into a leadership role or gaining a new skill. Think about personal goals and how the opportunity might help push towards those. That could be relocating to a desirable area or gaining more benefits such as more flexibility for better work life balance. Not every opportunity is going to take lead you down the path that you’re looking for in your career goals. Some may even open your eye to new career goals. Think about the possible outcomes that this opportunity and new responsibilities have to offer.

What does your gut say?

That gut feeling you get when thinking about the opportunity, don’t ignore it. That feeling is letting you know if this is the right opportunity for you. Think about the work culture and the people who you would call your new coworkers- could you see yourself working there and not only fitting in but being happy to be a part of it? Is there any part of the offer that is leaving question marks? If so, don’t be afraid to schedule more time to discuss with the hiring manager to address any concerns or give clarity on questions. If you are feeling good about the opportunity presented, accept it. If not, see if there are any questions that could be answered to help or negotiations that can be made, otherwise, it may be best to wait for the next opportunity.

When deciding to accept an offer, there is a lot of self-analyzing that takes place. It requires taking a look at personal and career goals, deciding if it meets the criteria for what you are looking for in your next opportunity and following your gut. Working with a specialty chemicals recruiter can help aid through the process of navigating the offer stages for both candidates and hiring managers to ensure it is the right match.

– Written by Ricky Foster: Senior Search Consultant and Business Development Manager- Specialty Chemicals Recruiter