The average job posting typically receives hundreds of applications which can leave candidates feeling that the odds are stacked against them. Even though you possess all of the required qualifications for the job, standing out from the crowd is still easier said than done. If you want to rise above the rest, then you need to start focusing on not only finding your professional purpose, but also defining it as clearly as possible. Hiring managers are more drawn to candidates who are able to share exactly what their career goals are during the interview process. The most effective job search strategies are all built around these goals.

Career Goals: Defining Success

What is considered a successful career often varies from person to person. Some are content simply earning a reputable salary; others might prefer more fulfillment in other areas of their professional lives. It’s important to define your values in order to have clarity around your professional purpose.

Establishing & Sharing Your Professional Identity

The foundation of a powerful professional purpose can begin with your own values and personality traits. Next, you can move on to listing your specific skills and results that you’ve achieved up to this point in your life. Work toward establishing yourself with skills and talent that are in demand, so you can avoid being just another generic job applicant.

Expressing Your Values

Candidates who are able to effectively share their professional identities to potential employers separate themselves from their competition more often than others. You’ll need to provide genuine reasons why you are pursuing your chosen career path. Be prepared to answer why the job’s values match your professional purpose.

Keep it Simple

Finally, job seekers are encouraged to create memorable, yet authentic pitch lines that express their strengths. Imagine being at a career fair and you have a chance encounter with one of the most influential people in the industry. Time is of the essence, so lead with remarkable information about you and your work in a natural, yet compelling manner. Remember, you can become the most authentic and likable candidate on the market by simply being yourself.

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