If you want to hire the best professionals, then you’ll need to roll up your sleeves and assume more authority when it comes to your hiring process. Although HR can be effective at reviewing resumes, unfortunately too many talented candidates slip through the cracks when certain keywords aren’t found in their resumes. So, their qualifications aren’t properly recognized, and their resume hits the trash. How do hiring managers get around this problem so they can land the best talent possible? It’s helpful to think outside the box. Don’t depend too much on resumes because you’re only limiting yourself to a select group of applicants. Focus more of your efforts on branching out to find talent.

Professional Contacts

Consider using your insider contacts within the community to discover some great referrals. Rather than waiting for candidates to come along and reacting to their resumes, strike while the iron is hot by proactively searching for them.

Industry Events

Many of these events attract notable presenters and attendees making them a great networking resource for available talent in the industry. Professional recruiters often attend industry events for the purpose of gathering business cards from attendees in an effort to bolster their professional contacts.

Get Personal: Go Out and Meet People

Are you making the same mistake of sorting through a reserve of digital portfolios and resumes every time you need to hire candidates? This just isn’t personal enough when it comes to finding the right professionals for the job. The best leaders know where to look for talented individuals. For instance, you can view people in action at a variety of different community and social settings. From visiting local chamber of commerce meetings, workshops, and professional associations, to self-help groups and clubs, managers can gain valuable insight into the qualities of prospective employees in these settings.

Yet another effective technique can be recruiting people directly in their learning environments. Managers should attend, or send some representatives, to professional training programs to connect with great talent.

Just don’t become complacent by only relying resumes that have been pre-screened by HR and other traditional methods to hire candidates. Think outside of the box and use all of your available resources to stay in front of the competition.


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