We would like to think if we put in the hours, eventually we will receive a promotion for our hard work and dedication. But often we find that promotions aren’t handed out so easily. It’s important to set yourself up for success by showing your boss you deserve a raise or advancement. These tips will help you get that promotion you’ve been working towards.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Most people are quick to say “no” when they are asked to do something that isn’t in their wheelhouse. You can’t demonstrate your leadership potential if you don’t show your boss that you’re willing to take chances and put yourself into situations that allow you to learn new skills. Managers want to see that you jump at the opportunity to take on new responsibilities. This doesn’t mean you have to take every assignment or request that comes your way. You’re likely to burn out if you do that. But you should make career development a priority.

Make Your Boss’s Job Easier

If you want your boss to notice you, go out of your way to make their job easier. Make the effort to learn about your boss’s goals, challenges, and responsibilities. Typically, managers have plenty of work they want to focus on but they’re too busy managing others to concentrate on other responsibilities. If you free up their time, they’ll see you in a new light. Once you understand the challenges your boss faces, you also have the opportunity to present them with solutions. Management wants to see that you can solve problems and take initiatives.

Help Your Teammates Become Better

Nurturing other people’s talents is part of being a great leader. We often think of promotions as a competition, but you aren’t going to get promoted if you bring others down to lift yourself up. If management sees that you take the time to work with your colleagues and help them become better at their jobs, they will recognize your strength as a leader and a mentor.

Be Transparent About Your Goals

Many professionals don’t tell their boss they want a promotion. They just assume their boss will know. The reality is not everybody wants to move up in the organization, some are comfortable in their current role. If you don’t explicitly tell your boss you want to advance in the company, they might not even consider you when a promotion becomes available. Your boss likely wants to see you succeed, so they may even give you tips to increase your chance at landing the promotion.

In animal health careers, as in most jobs, if you want a promotion, you have to show your boss that you have the initiative, ambition, problem-solving skills, and leadership ability needed to succeed in a management position. You won’t move up in your career if you don’t take risks and allow yourself to grow.

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