The innovative work of chemical companies creates a positive impact on energy efficiency for individuals and companies across America. Specialty chemicals companies help find solutions to problems of efficiency – from electric cars to lithium batteries for cell phones to high performance insulations for residential and commercial buildings. These innovations reduce operating costs and allow businesses to remain competitive. A growing number of industry leaders are focusing on how specialty chemicals can help lower energy costs while boosting supplies.

Combined Heat & Power

Also known to as cogeneration, one trend that continues to gain popularity is the use of combined heat and power (CHP). It definitely has some advantages over other energy production methods. In fact, it’s not uncommon for CHP facilities to be twice as efficient as older coal-burning utilities.

Since CHP generates energy close to where it’s needed, very little is lost through transmission, making it a very effective technique when compared most other traditional energy sources. As the operations of more coal-fired plants are ceased, many power sectors can benefit from the use of CHP and other forms “distributed generation.” It’s also supported broadly by business, labor and environmental groups.


From helping to improve fuel efficiency of vehicles to maximizing the energy efficiency of roofing, walls, windows, the use of plastic materials allows manufacturers and consumers to do more with less.

The demand for plastic and plastic-metal hybrids is growing because they offer significant weight savings over some conventional designs. New homes, commercial buildings, hospitals and schools are some of the projects that architects and designers are using plastics to reduce energy and maintenance costs, improve aesthetics and safety over many years.

Plastics help many major brands ship more of their products to consumers using less fuel. Some other benefits of plastic packaging are that it can dramatically extend food shelf life resulting in additional consumer savings. It also creates less greenhouse gases than alternatives and the majority of it can be recycled.

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