Some job seekers might feel like they are stuck spinning their wheels when they are searching for new career opportunities. One way to stay focused is to tune in to the basics. You should already have narrowed down the job titles that match your skills and experience and gathered a list of companies that are currently hiring for those positions. Here are some additional tips that can help you to expedite your next job search.

Don’t Just Rely on LinkedIn

Social networking websites like this have made it convenient when it comes to searching for jobs. Yet, even though they are an effective way of connecting with people in your industry, it’s also important not to rely solely upon them either. A productive job search should incorporate a variety of different strategies and tools. If you decide to use tools like LinkedIn in your job search, then just remember to keep your profile updated and complete. Don’t leave out earlier years of your work life unless you are very tenured, or they are completely irrelevant. Think of it as your online resume complete with examples of your work.

In-Person Networking

The power of networking is something that shouldn’t be overlooked during a job search. In fact, most jobs are landed through personal contact. From trade shows to career fairs, there are a number of different places where professional networking happens. Also, be ready for serendipitous encounters. Be prepared to tell your story in a compelling manner, and make real connections with people, instead of simply throwing your business cards around.

Find Your Passion?

Often, you’ll hear the phrase “Find your passion!” when looking for a new job or a career change. Yet, researchers have found that may not be the best advice. This advice tends to encourage a passive approach of watching and waiting to see what makes you feel good. Instead, it’s encouraged to actively participate in your personal and professional growth by exploring things that you are enthusiastic about. That is a more nuanced approach than just “finding your passion.” Developing your passion may be a more accurate way to approach fulfillment in your career.

Build a Relationship with a Recruiter

Just like with doctors and attorneys, don’t wait until you’re desperate to form a relationship with a skilled recruiter. Inform recruiters what positions you are interested in, provide them with references and ask relevant questions to establish a rapport with a recruiter. Choose to work with a single recruiter who you feel good about. Then, check-in with them in a regular basis to give and receive updates.

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