In this competitive job market, you need to do everything you can to have the edge over your competitors. But are you doing enough? There are far more vacant jobs than there are unemployed professionals. In the US, the number of job openings is greater than it has been in 17 years. This past spring, the number of new job openings increased by 750,000 in the US. Business services, transportation, and retail jobs had the highest gains.

It is normal for jobs to go unfilled when economies rapidly expand. Consider the business services sector. Right now, there are around 130,000 job openings in the sector. Chances are if you put out a job ad and just wait, you wont attract the talent that you’re looking for. If you want to attract high-quality talent, you need to go out of your way to sell yourself.

Show Initiative

When you find a candidate you want to join your team, you have to be proactive. One thing you can do is to compress the hiring timeline. Follow up with the candidate after the interview right away, letting them know what the next steps will be. If you like the candidate, don’t wait to make them an offer. You do not want to give the candidate time to shop around. It is also important that you know what you want. You want the job description to be as accurate as possible. This will help the candidate make a confident decision quickly.

Treat Candidates with Respect

The last thing you want to do is offend the professional you are trying to hire. It is easy to forget that hiring and interviewing is a two-way street. While the job candidate is trying to make a great first impression, the impression that the hiring manager leaves is just as important. Both parties need to figure out if the fit is right, but this only works if the playing field is level. You want to make sure both you and your team are friendly and appreciative. The way you act reflects on the company as a whole, and you want the candidate to feel like the company will be a fun and rewarding place to work.

Never Wait Until the Last Minute

You should always be on the lookout for talent. If you wait until you are desperate to fill a position, you will likely end up settling for a candidate who doesn’t meet all your requirements. Keep in mind that because there are so many more job vacancies than unemployed professionals, working with a recruiter will give you access to candidates who are already employed. Part of searching for talent includes identifying candidates who are employed in similar companies who have the qualities you want in an employee. This is why selling your company is so crucial. Why would someone want to quit their job to come and work for you? You have to convince them that it is their best option. You have to know exactly what makes your organization unique and use it to promote the job opportunity.

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