Your phone rings and it is a number you are not familiar with. Is it a spam caller? Maybe or maybe not. Like most people, you probably let the call go to voicemail thinking they will leave a message if it is important. The caller left a voicemail so it must not have been a spam call. You listen to the voicemail and realize it was a chemical recruiter wanting to discuss your background for a potential opportunity. To many candidates, this sequence is all too familiar. The question is, do you usually call back or answer the next call from the recruiter? Even if you are not actively searching for a job, you may still want to consider picking up the phone.

Personal or Professional Help

Recruiters could be calling for two reasons: to recruit you or to recruit for you. The conversation can go either way. Even if you are not looking for a new role and not needing to hire, the call is still worth taking. Niche recruiters focusing in an industry will be talking to a lot of people. They will be constantly gathering industry knowledge which can make a quick call with them fruitful. This is an opportunity to tell them about your background and interests in case you ever need them. That way, they can also keep you in mind as they are working on roles in the industry. The same can be said on the hiring front. Take a moment to teach the recruiter about your organization. They may come across a rockstar candidate that is in your backyard or looking to move to your area that they can introduce you to. Recruiters are great to keep in your pocket for confidential hires or backfills. Let your recruiter act as your eyes and ears in the market on the hiring front and throughout your career path.

Industry Intel

Recruiters will have a lot of connections within their focus industry. A chemical recruiter will have a deep understanding of what the hiring trends are and industry norms for bringing in talent. This includes what roles are most in demand, if companies are increasing or slowing down on hiring, how competitive the market is, and what it will take to bring in new talent. This will give you a leg up in your hiring efforts.

For someone who is actively or passively interested in a new opportunity, connecting with a recruiter can open up doors that may not be visible to everyone. Recruiters often work on roles that are not posted on job boards. A quick call with a recruiter could lead to learning about opportunities that you would never have known about without the call. Another route could be reaching out to a recruiter with companies that you are interested in joining. Chances are the recruiter may already have connections in the companies that they can introduce you to. Even if they do not, they can reach out to start the introduction with the hiring manager. Recruiters can offer advice throughout the interviewing process and throughout your career path.

Refer a friend

When a recruiter reaches out, they likely have a role in mind that they want to speak to you about. However, they will also be working on other opportunities in the industry. If you know someone actively looking for a new role, refer them to the recruiter. Even if the recruiter may not be able to help you today, they may be able to help a friend or a peer find the next step in their career.

When a recruiter calls, it may be the call you have been waiting for, or it may not bear fruit immediately. However, you’ll want to keep a recruiter in your pocket for when you may need them. That could be if you’re looking for the next step in your career, looking to hire, or wanting to gain some market intel. Next time a recruiter calls, pick up the phone- you never know what a quick call could lead to for your career or for your organization.

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