When making a hire, there is more to consider than bringing in the right skillsets. While skillsets are still a very important piece to the puzzle, making sure that the candidate is a cultural fit will help ensure that the person will be successful and content in their new role. As chemical recruiters, we spend time learning about our client’s company culture and what personalities will work best on their team. We then use this to vet candidates along with vetting their skills. We find that in doing this, both candidates and clients seem to be happier in their decisions in the long run. Learn how to screen for cultural fit to help your new employee feel confident and comfortable in your organization.

Define your company culture

Think of it like an elevator pitch; if you only had a matter of seconds, how would you describe your company culture? Then look deeper into that. What makes that statement fit your company culture? What are your organization’s values and how does it live up to them? Think about the “sizzle” for your company. These are the things that are brag-worthy points for why to work with your company. Identify areas that may be weak in the culture and determine ways that these could be improved.

What type of people are successful there

Look at the people who thrive in your organization’s environment. What about them makes them successful and enjoy your company culture? Think about the size and pace of your company. If your organization is fast-paced, then your new employee will need to be comfortable with the speed. People tend to prefer either small to medium-sized companies or large companies. Smaller organizations tend to have less structure and require wearing multiple hats which some people enjoy and thrive in those environments. Others may like the clearly defined lines and resources offered by large companies. Other aspects to consider are the soft skills a candidate has. If the team has the freedom to work without direct oversight or direction always given, then a self-starter personality may be best suited. Or if you have a team-oriented environment, then a team player may be important.

Meet the team

When interviewing candidates, allow your team to be a part of the process. This can be set up by a phone or video interview or as a meeting during the onsite interviews. This can be managers in the department or people who will work along the side of this role. These team members should have an understanding of what is needed for the role and what person will fit in best with the team.

The overall goal of bringing on the new hire is to push the company goals forward. While you do not want to hire only personalities that are the same as yours or too similar, you do want to consider what personalities will work well together and positively challenge each other. Hire for the skill sets that will advance your team and make sure the cultural fit is there to ensure your new hire will feel confident and comfortable to be successful in your organization.

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