2020 is a year that we will be talking about for generations. It is a year that shook the world and created new normal such as using the word pandemic, wearing masks and being more aware of your distance from others. Most would probably agree that it was a difficult year and it is time to move onto the next. However, with tough times come some of the best lessons. Our team is grateful for the lessons we have learned throughout 2020. Here is what 2020 taught us:

John Kehoe: Specialty Chemical Recruiter and Chemical Distribution Lead:

The biggest piece is that Covid-19 was a stark reminder that there really isn’t much in life that in which I have control.  I can, however, control my attitude and my effort.  Focusing on my attitude and effort allowed for two things to happen:  1.  It caused me to be grateful for the things I do have.  2.  It was a reminder to not be committed to any sort of outcome.

Further, my wife and I strive to maintain plenty of margin in our life, and yes, I’m mostly talking about financial margin.  Having margin meant we didn’t have to react (or overreact) to anything.  Rather, it allowed us to respond instead.  Respond in measured, calculated ways as we navigated changing landscape.  This margin will hopefully allow us to respond to the next disruption.

Jeff Bennett: Specialty Chemical Recruiter and Food & Beverage Practice Lead

I learned in 2020, the only constant is change. This environment makes us think creatively while also thinking strategically.

Sylvia Moreira: Chemical Recruiter and Logistics & Supply Chain Practice Lead

A new challenge can be scary, but if you embrace it, it can be an opportunity for growth with rewarding results.  I know, this sounds like a cliché. But this year I embraced a challenge, took a risk, and this cliché became real!  I joined a new team, I am learning, and I feel excited about it!

Don’t panic, it is not the end of the world.  I am learning to distinguish between situations that can wait from the ones that really are emergencies.  And I haven’t had a true emergency this year!  Slowing down to react allows for a better understanding of the situation and a better response.

Ricky Foster: Business Development Representative for Chemical Recruiters

Covid reaffirmed that the unexpected can happen, and that everyone should always have a contingency plan ready to execute to still meet your goals. What are your contingency plans?

Michele Baxley: Life Sciences Recruiter and Life Science Practice Lead

It’s been a reminder like in 2008 to adapt, be positive, focus on people and push toward positive outcomes- helping be a beacon in confusion.

Debbie Caldwell: Life Sciences Recruiter and Animal Health Recruiter

I’d have to say the main lesson I’ve learned from 2020 is that we all can rise to the occasion. Human beings are really good at figuring out how to make things work—whether that is working from home, or living in completely different circumstances, we do manage to get things done no matter what! And still excel!

As a group, we have our differences, but there is so much common ground—no matter if you live in Atlanta Georgia or New Delhi, India, we are all struggling with the same things—how to combat a global pandemic, and how to take care of our families and friends. Even in these extreme circumstances, companies are still doing what they do, and people are still working towards their goals, so don’t let these times stop you from doing what you want to do! Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Heather Meadows: Life Sciences Recruiter and Animal Health Recruiter

A lesson I’ve learned in 2020 is to practice gratitude daily. When things seem uncertain and chaotic, pausing to be thankful puts everything in perspective and refocuses me on what matters most.

Ashley Key: Accounting and Finance Recruiter and Practice Lead

How to be more creative with what makes at home family fun and what’s most important.

Lindsay Schaaf: Director of Research for Chemical Recruiters

Team work REALLY DOES make the dream work- 2020 strengthened our communication and teamwork. I learned to cherish the quiet moments and ability to spend time and connect with my immediate household.

Abigail Cherry: Researcher for Life Sciences Recruiters

In 2020 I learned how to think on my feet, things can change in the blink of an eye (for better or worse), so it’s good to always be prepared to adapt to the change. I also learned that change is a good way to stay creative! A shifting environment gives us a different perspective and makes us think of things and do things we may not have considered if things were always the same.

Brooke Hughes: Researcher for Chemical Recruiters and Finance Recruiters

2020 has been a wild ride for sure. What it has taught me is that you can’t control everything that life throws at you. What you can control is how you react and what your actions and attitude are following that. Once you accept and embrace the situation that you have been handed, great things can happen. It is your choice to decide what you focus on. So look at things realistically, but also choose to see the all of the good that is around you!