Throughout 2020 companies have had to learn new ways of connecting a remote work force for the usual business meetings, trainings, and even onboarding. As we approach the Christmas season the typical company holiday gatherings might not be possible, but that doesn’t mean organizations can’t bring a bit of holiday connection and cheer to their teams.

Here are a few socially distanced fun activities to connect a remote workforce during this holiday season:

Virtual Secret Santa

Trade names using an online name generator or a trusted volunteer. Gifts can be sent by mail or email. An added touch might be a commitment to shop local or small business, many of which are offering online options this season.

Online Cookie Recipe Swap

Share your favorite holiday cookie in a printable format.

Toast the Team

Schedule a video conference to toast 2020 and share your favorite holiday beverage virtually. Share the wins or bright spots from 2020 and toast the team for a challenging year. People can submit their toasts in advance to share during the team gathering.

Virtual Cookie Decorating

Send out cookie decorating kits and host a virtual cookie decorating session. Etsy has several listings from small businesses or use a local bakery.

Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

This is a fun way to add some activity to your virtual party. Make a list of holiday themed items for your attendees to “hunt” for in their home, then have them show/tell. Some items to get you started might be: A holiday picture, Your favorite Christmas mug, a candy cane.

A Helping Hand

Partner with a charity or choose a child/family to play Santa to and shop for gifts online. Collect food donations for a family or local food pantry.


This has been a year of unique challenges and of unique solutions. Celebrating the holidays as a company looks a bit different this year, but it is still possible to create team building experiences and special memories as 2020 comes to an end.


Written by Heather Meadows: Life Sciences Recruiter and Animal Health Distribution Practice Lead