Those individuals born between the years 1981 and 1996, also known as millennials, are actively relocating for better job opportunities and higher wages. Some cities experiencing an influx of workers from this generation include: San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Nashville, and San Jose. These were the top five millennial boomtowns based on millennial population change, workforce participation, unemployment rate and median wages.

Promoting Millennial-Friendly Workplaces

The millennial population is one of the largest sectors of the American workforce. Businesses that hire them should be aware of their strengths and weaknesses to help determine which candidates are the best fit for certain positions. For instance, millennials often demonstrate better organizational skills than their counterparts from other generations. They are also flexible employees, and adapt to workplace changes easier, making them ideal candidates for newly established companies. If you want to build a team with superior technical skills and knowledge, then millennials are also proficient in the ways of modern technology.

Attracting This Demographic

Companies that want to attract those millennials who are on the move should focus on providing enticing work environments since they tend to prefer collaborative work cultures versus those that are overly competitive. In addition to higher wages, millennials also want more opportunities to do meaningful work. Businesses will need a mission that matches the ideals of millennials so they feel a sense of purpose.

Perks and Recruiting Strategies

Some other perks that can help attract them are loan repayment and tuition assistance, health care incentives and global work/travel opportunities. Here are some other suggested millennial recruiting strategies:

  • Ongoing training and development – A majority of them rate career growth and development opportunities as being important.
  • Work-life balance – They desire flexible working arrangements with more life outside of work.
  • Provide regular feedback – They are more satisfied with workplaces that provide consistent constructive criticism.
  • Intriguing workplaces – There’s more of a demand for workplace bonding and social activities among millennials.

Millennials are on the move searching for higher wages and better opportunities. This demographic can make excellent employees with their organizational and adaptability. If you are looking to attract new talent to your organization, consider what you have to offer this group and make any changes necessary to fine-tune your culture to be more dynamic and inclusive.

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photo credit: Devin Avery