Logging into your LinkedIn page in January, you probably have noticed two common trends: a lot of people announcing new job changes and companies posting jobs they are hiring for. The first quarter is always a hotbed for hiring and interviewing. Companies will have their new budgets for the year and have planned what roles they will be looking to fill. The job market is still very hot and continues to be high in demand for candidates. As chemical recruiters, we often hear from candidates that they are interviewing at multiple companies and have choices in job offers. This is a great time to be in the talent pool to take advantage of the influx of opportunities to move into the next stepping stone for your career path. Here are some tips for feeling confident in your decision of which opportunity to accept:

Any Questions?

Think about each opportunity at hand. Are there any question marks unanswered? When deciding on an opportunity, you should be able to have a comfortable understanding of the following questions:

  • What does the company do?
  • What are the responsibilities of this role?
  • What is expected of you in the first 60-90 days of being hired?
  • Do you have a feel for the company culture? Will you feel at home in it?
  • What is the purpose of this role and how does it help the company?
  • What are the next steps in progression for this role?

If there are no clear-cut answers to each of these questions, don’t be afraid to seek answers. Communication is going to be key in feeling confident in your decision. Set up a time to speak to the hiring managers that you have interviewed with to get some clarity.

Career Path

When comparing each role, which falls more in line with the career progression you envision for yourself? Consider what each role has to offer. This could be an opportunity to gain new skills, obtain certifications, leadership opportunities, or a clear path of progression. Think about how the opportunities will help you reach your career goals. Think about the criteria you used when deciding to first entertain a new opportunity. Do these opportunities check those boxes still now that you know more about the company and the job?

Be Transparent

It’s no secret that candidates are often faced with more than one job offer at a time. The talent market is extremely competitive at this point in time. Show enthusiasm in the opportunities but be transparent with the hiring managers that you are navigating the decision between a few offers. The hiring managers will be able to act accordingly to your timeline and may even see added value since you are in high demand. Being transparent through the process of what you are looking for and what is going on in your search process can help hiring managers act accordingly and encourage them to be transparent as well.

Having multiple job offers to choose from can be exciting and stressful. Take a step back and look at the big picture of what each opportunity has to present. The right opportunity will allow you to advance your career while meeting the criteria of what you value most in a job. Don’t be afraid to trust your gut and be confident in the offer you decide is best for you.

-Written by Brooke Hughes: Researcher for Specialty Chemical Recruiters