Why Not to Accept the Counteroffer

The talent pool is tight and it is expected to get even tighter in the upcoming years. Due to the age gap with the Baby Boomer generation retiring and Millennials and Gen Z moving up in the workforce, there will be more jobs open than candidates to fill them. This means that companies will be working harder to retain their employees. Chances of receiving a counteroffer when turning in a resignation letter are likely to increase. As chemical recruiters and animal health recruiters, counteroffers are something we are very familiar with and speak to candidates about often. Our suggestion: consider not accepting the counteroffer.

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Featured Positions

Process Engineer

  • Combustion Engineering is a Plus
  • Experience Working in Pigments
  • Tuition Reimbursement with No Contract
  • 4-8 Years of Experience
  • Metro Ohio

Mechanical Engineer

  • Automation and Process Control
  • Mechanically Inclined
  • Interest in Robotics
  • Metro Midwest

Rubber Chemist

  • EPR Rubber Insulator Application
  • 5+ Years of Experience
  • Southeast

R&D Chemist

  • Enzyme Chemistry
  • Renewable Energy Application
  • 5+ Years of Experience
  • Southeast

Vice President/General Manager

  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Opportunity to Build Your Own Team
  • Newly Created Business Unity
  • Northeast

SVP Operations

  • Multisite Operational Leadership
  • Remote Based
  • M&A Experience
  • Up To 50% or More Travel

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Does hiring in this market send shivers down your spine? Hiring in this market can feel tricky with the demand for talent continuing to stay high. Working with a talent partner within the industry can help make the hiring process feel more like a treat. Whether it is a backfill from a retirement or the first time hiring for a role, we can offer guidance on what we are seeing in the industry and common trends for specific roles. Don’t let this tricky market cause a role to stay vacant. Reach out to your chemical industry talent partners to see how we can make your next hire a treat.

Make Ghosting a Thing of the Past

No one likes to be ghosted- from the candidate or company side. What is ghosting in the hiring and interview process? It is when a candidate or
company seemingly “disappears” with no explanation. It is the lack of feedback or reason for why company is not interested in a candidate or why a candidate is no longer pursuing an opportunity. This can look like a candidate going through a few interviews and then never hearing back from the company, or it can be a company reaching out to a candidate after interviewing and never getting a response again. In both situations, neither candidate nor companies like to be ghosted. To stand out in a world of ghosting, make a point to reach out and explain the reasoning for not moving forward and thank the candidate and/or interviewers for their time. Make ghosting a thing of the past.

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