Despite decreasing unemployment rates, finding a job in the animal health field can be challenging. It is even harder if your goal is to find the right job and not just any job. Here are some quick tips to improve your job search.


When you type your desired job title into a search board, you get more results back than you want, and it can feel overwhelming. Many of the jobs that come up don’t apply to you at all. It really helps to take advantage of filters. Use the location or zip code filters to ensure the jobs are in areas that are near where you live. Set filters for part-time/full-time, experience level, and salary as well. This will help narrow the job search down so you can find jobs that actually meet your criteria.

Use a Recruiter

Find several recruiters in your niche and fully vet them. Find one that you think you’ll work well with. When you find a recruiter, be open and honest with them, especially when it comes to your employment background. Working with a recruiter will help you understand where you rank among your peers. One goal of working with a recruiter is to become more self-aware. A lack of self-awareness can be a shortcoming that prevents job seekers from landing excellent job opportunities.

Strategy and Persistence Leads to Success

Job hunting can be time consuming. If you only spend minimal time each week working on applications, you are not going to get very far. You also must recognize that there are many other job seekers out there competing against you. If you want to succeed, you need to have perseverance. When you hit a stumbling block, don’t be discouraged. Instead, double your efforts. If you notice the strategy you’re using isn’t working, try a new strategy; you have to be adaptable.

Know What You Want

One thing that can really stand in the way of a job search is not knowing what you want. Some people have a vague understanding of the kind of job they want, but this doesn’t help. Without a clear goal, you will not be searching for the right kind of jobs, your resume will be less effective, and you will end up wasting time on interviews that do not lead anywhere.

Finding a job is never easy, but there are a variety of steps you can take to make the process easier. From working with a recruiter to taking advantage of job search filters, you have to use every resource available to give yourself a competitive edge.

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